Friday, May 11, 2018

Random Bits

 Hello everyone,

  With the onset of spring there is always
      lots to do before my first Japanese visitors
arrive so there has been little time for
blogging or photo shoots.
So today I just have some random
bits to share with you.

                                                                   Tea in the Boathouse sun room above.

                                                                      Love this old soup tureen
                                                                        Boathouse vignette
Our china cupboard with blue and
white transferware makes me

                                                                          Pretty teacups

                                                                            A cottage vignette

A pretty tea set.....a gift from a friend.

                                                        And last but not least  some early spring
                                                                   color in our garden.
                                                                     There is so much promise of good things
                                                                   to come in our garden and every day makes
                                                                   a difference!

                                                                          I hope you have a great weekend,


Friday, April 27, 2018

Our Cottage by the Sea

Hello everyone,

As the weather is warming up here
we are looking forward to relaxing
            at our little Ocean Song Cottage
 by the Sea.
Since our family all live close by
it is a favorite gathering place
in the summer.

We have enjoyed some sunny days
at the cottage all winter.

It is so relaxing!

It is fun to add little coastal
touches here and there.

Our next project is to give the kitchen
area a makeover and then we are
pretty much done of putting
our stamp on our little cottage.

                                                 Are you looking forward to sunny
                                                           summer days too ~ maybe some long
                                                            walks on the beach?

                                                                 I hope you have a wonderful